Sunday, August 5, 2012

Secret Insect Spy Drones

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The US military has designed drones so small that they are starting to look like tiny insects. These are used to get into areas that they normally wouldn't be able to reach. These secret insect drones are said to help the fight against terrorism/terrorists and help protect us.

Ya, they look cool and could also make a fun toy but is this something that could cause concern in the future?

People in the New York and Washington DC area have been reporting strange sightings of what were describe as tiny

machines hovering around different gatherings like the antiwar rally in Lafayette Square last month. A student swore these were not real bugs.

The FBI, CIA and other various government organizations have all denied such claims of having mini spy drones at work.

I guess if we generally trust our government they would only be used to help keep our nation safe. After all, if government organizations really wanted to spy on us, I'm sure they can find less expensive ways.

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