Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hexo+ Drones Can Follow You Around While You Ski Down The Lines of Alaska

Recently I posted that I wanted a Lily Drone.  Well, after seeing footage filmed by another new drone company, I have to say I might want a HEXO+ drone instead.

The HEXO+ drone is capable of auto-following and auto-filming you in whatever activity you want to be doing, whether it's skiing, surfing, kayaking, or running away a raging buffalo.  The Hexo+ is designed for everyone to take amazing Hollywood-style aerial shots and videos easily. Being able to fly at a maximum speed of 70km/h, the Hexo+ can be controlled with a few simple gestures on your smartphone. 

Their previous Kickstarter campaign has successfully raised over $1.3 million dollars with funding from more than 2,000 backers from across the world. Now they are taking pre-orders on their website The large scale delivery is planned to be in September.