Sunday, February 22, 2015

Popular Articles on Robotics for February 22, 2015

Financial Times
Japan robot makers put brains over brawn
Junji Tsuda, chairman and president of the Japanese robotics company Yaskawa Electric, said the hands with which robots touch the world are not ... Flag as irrelevant
Arab News
IT firms eye robotics, driverless cars for next round of growth
IT firms eye robotics, driverless cars for next round of growth ... But industry watchers see plenty of business openings for players like Tech Mahindra.,+driverless+cars+for+next+round+of+growth&cd=KhQxNjczMTUyNjA2MjE2NzM1MDE3MTIaYjYxNmJhMDg2YjQyZTkyNTpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmX1s-_9cbP0mKHKY9rLqP7G6D1JJQ,+driverless+cars+for+next+round+of+growth&cd=KhQxNjczMTUyNjA2MjE2NzM1MDE3MTIaYjYxNmJhMDg2YjQyZTkyNTpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmX1s-_9cbP0mKHKY9rLqP7G6D1JJQ,+driverless+cars+for+next+round+of+growth&cd=KhQxNjczMTUyNjA2MjE2NzM1MDE3MTIaYjYxNmJhMDg2YjQyZTkyNTpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmX1s-_9cbP0mKHKY9rLqP7G6D1JJQ Flag as irrelevant
Manufacturing center Dongguan aims to become China's robot capital
A robot talks to the visitors at the 9th China Hi-Tech Fair in Shenzhen, ... "But now, any talk about robots will draw the attention of many businesses," ...'s+robot+capital&cd=KhQxNjczMTUyNjA2MjE2NzM1MDE3MTIaYjYxNmJhMDg2YjQyZTkyNTpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmVfURSSPGtOo2X88aUPK0ePt59L8w's+robot+capital&cd=KhQxNjczMTUyNjA2MjE2NzM1MDE3MTIaYjYxNmJhMDg2YjQyZTkyNTpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmVfURSSPGtOo2X88aUPK0ePt59L8w's+robot+capital&cd=KhQxNjczMTUyNjA2MjE2NzM1MDE3MTIaYjYxNmJhMDg2YjQyZTkyNTpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmVfURSSPGtOo2X88aUPK0ePt59L8w Flag as irrelevant
Courier Mail
From politics to robotics, former Premier Campbell Newman is embarking on a career change
Former Premier of Queensland Campbell Newman is making a drastic career change from politics to robotics following his ousting from the seat of ...,+former+Premier+Campbell+Newman+is+embarking+on+a+career+change&cd=KhQxNjczMTUyNjA2MjE2NzM1MDE3MTIaYjYxNmJhMDg2YjQyZTkyNTpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmXT4pqPScMyNlFEgu_4tn2aqHUVPw,+former+Premier+Campbell+Newman+is+embarking+on+a+career+change&cd=KhQxNjczMTUyNjA2MjE2NzM1MDE3MTIaYjYxNmJhMDg2YjQyZTkyNTpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmXT4pqPScMyNlFEgu_4tn2aqHUVPw,+former+Premier+Campbell+Newman+is+embarking+on+a+career+change&cd=KhQxNjczMTUyNjA2MjE2NzM1MDE3MTIaYjYxNmJhMDg2YjQyZTkyNTpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmXT4pqPScMyNlFEgu_4tn2aqHUVPw Flag as irrelevant
Korea IT Times (press release)
Investors Hot on drones
In a recent webcast on Investing in Robots by Robotics Business Review, UAVs – drones – were a center of discussion. An online survey conducted ... Flag as irrelevant

Get Your Resume Ready: Careers in Robotics Webcast
The rise of robotics nearly everywhere, for sure, as this newest of technologies converges with industry, business and society almost everywhere at ... Flag as irrelevant 
The Hindu
IT firms eye robotics, driverlesscars for next round of growth
But industry watchers see plenty of business openings for players like Tech Mahindra. Its engineers are busy testing consoles for cars that can monitor ...,+driverlesscars+for+next+round+of+growth&cd=KhMxNTk5OTUzMjA0NTEyNjc4MzczMhpiNjE2YmEwODZiNDJlOTI1OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmXdGNSy9aYBwAixxPcNoxUqXGeX8g,+driverlesscars+for+next+round+of+growth&cd=KhMxNTk5OTUzMjA0NTEyNjc4MzczMhpiNjE2YmEwODZiNDJlOTI1OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmXdGNSy9aYBwAixxPcNoxUqXGeX8g,+driverlesscars+for+next+round+of+growth&cd=KhMxNTk5OTUzMjA0NTEyNjc4MzczMhpiNjE2YmEwODZiNDJlOTI1OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmXdGNSy9aYBwAixxPcNoxUqXGeX8g Flag as irrelevant
Chattanooga Times Free Press
TechTown and library offer spring break camp
In the robotics unit, the campers will work with LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kits and learn about sensors and code logic, and they will program autonomous ... Flag as irrelevant
International Business Times UK
MIT builds light-up garden of origami robots to get children into coding
US scientists are hoping their creation of a robot garden will encourage children -- especially girls -- to learn basic programming skills and ultimately ... Flag as irrelevant
Creative Automation Becomes RIA Certified Robot Integrator
The Certified Robot Integrator program strengthens the overall integrator channel ... Creative Automation has received the RIA Certified Robot Integrator ... Robots Workshop, the National Robot Safety Conference, the A3 Business ... Flag as irrelevant
What issues will affect the robotics in healthcare market?
Our new report discusses issues and events affecting the robotics in ... You will receive business intelligence found only in our study, seeing where ... Flag as irrelevant
RoboCV gains $3 million in investments
As a Skolkovo Foundation resident, RoboCV was established in 2011 and has been among Robotics Business Review's top 50 most influential ...$3+million+in+investments&cd=KhMxNTk5OTUzMjA0NTEyNjc4MzczMhpiNjE2YmEwODZiNDJlOTI1OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmV6-NaMwRrwUTugbH2jOpXXMqySNQ$3+million+in+investments&cd=KhMxNTk5OTUzMjA0NTEyNjc4MzczMhpiNjE2YmEwODZiNDJlOTI1OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmV6-NaMwRrwUTugbH2jOpXXMqySNQ$3+million+in+investments&cd=KhMxNTk5OTUzMjA0NTEyNjc4MzczMhpiNjE2YmEwODZiNDJlOTI1OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmV6-NaMwRrwUTugbH2jOpXXMqySNQ Flag as irrelevant
Hudson Robotics Releases Self-Calibrating PlateCrane SciClops for Laboratory Automation
Hudson Robotics, Inc now provides a product that is not only flexible .... in digital transformation, consulting and business re-engineering solutions has ... Flag as irrelevant