Saturday, February 14, 2015

Popular Robotics Articles for February 14, 2015

Fresno Bee
UofL scholarship set up for competitors in robotics tourney
LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The University of Louisville's engineering school and a foundation that puts on an annual robotics competition are starting a ... Flag as irrelevant
Is it cruel to kick a robot dog?
(CNN) Meet Spot, the 160 lbs dog robot that can run, climb stairs and has an ... Designed by robotics company Boston Dynamics, there were heated ... Flag as irrelevant
Drones delivering drinks in a crowded restaurant? It's not as crazy as it sounds.
Infinium Robotics, the Singapore company that's developing the drones for restaurant chain Timbre, showed off the technology here: It has spent the ...'s+not+as+crazy+as+it+sounds.&cd=KhM1NTU5MTYyMzYzOTA1MDcwNzI5MhpiNjE2YmEwODZiNDJlOTI1OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmVZzBSzw8OAVIuSHGB5U8lpooW_Yg's+not+as+crazy+as+it+sounds.&cd=KhM1NTU5MTYyMzYzOTA1MDcwNzI5MhpiNjE2YmEwODZiNDJlOTI1OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmVZzBSzw8OAVIuSHGB5U8lpooW_Yg's+not+as+crazy+as+it+sounds.&cd=KhM1NTU5MTYyMzYzOTA1MDcwNzI5MhpiNjE2YmEwODZiNDJlOTI1OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmVZzBSzw8OAVIuSHGB5U8lpooW_Yg Flag as irrelevant
New student Robotics Club inspires teamwork, innovation
The Robotics Club at Crothersville Junior-Senior High School has been a ... VEX, the company that makes the robots, offers tournaments around the ...,+innovation&cd=KhM1NTU5MTYyMzYzOTA1MDcwNzI5MhpiNjE2YmEwODZiNDJlOTI1OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmXnOv7NK90o_V8dMGENUPsWWLRqqw,+innovation&cd=KhM1NTU5MTYyMzYzOTA1MDcwNzI5MhpiNjE2YmEwODZiNDJlOTI1OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmXnOv7NK90o_V8dMGENUPsWWLRqqw,+innovation&cd=KhM1NTU5MTYyMzYzOTA1MDcwNzI5MhpiNjE2YmEwODZiNDJlOTI1OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmXnOv7NK90o_V8dMGENUPsWWLRqqw Flag as irrelevant
Global Medical Robotics Market Outlook 2018
This is followed with the key players of the medical robotics market. For every player, a brief business overview, geographic revenue break-up, and ... Flag as irrelevant
Japan robotics giant's shares soar to new high
Late last year Loeb said Third Point had sold its stake in Sony after failing to push the company into spinning off part of its U.S.-based entertainment ...'s+shares+soar+to+new+high&cd=KhM1NTU5MTYyMzYzOTA1MDcwNzI5MhpiNjE2YmEwODZiNDJlOTI1OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmWwY5s5SdyhGhRkQ-RvdwlL8xOZPA's+shares+soar+to+new+high&cd=KhM1NTU5MTYyMzYzOTA1MDcwNzI5MhpiNjE2YmEwODZiNDJlOTI1OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmWwY5s5SdyhGhRkQ-RvdwlL8xOZPA's+shares+soar+to+new+high&cd=KhM1NTU5MTYyMzYzOTA1MDcwNzI5MhpiNjE2YmEwODZiNDJlOTI1OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmWwY5s5SdyhGhRkQ-RvdwlL8xOZPA Flag as irrelevant
Kyiv Post
Robotics lab makes drones that Ukraine can use in war
And for robotics lab at the Step IT Academy in Kyiv, this means using plastic (not ink) to create drones from special printers for use by the Ukrainian ... Flag as irrelevant
New report looks into IT robotic automation market segment forecasts up to 2020
Thereby, robotic automation has offered a viable solution to the business process outsourcing (BPO) enterprises to increase its efficiency and quality ... Flag as irrelevant 
The Seattle Times
Amazon rolls out robotics at DuPont warehouse
The online-retail giant offers another glimpse into its robotics strategy, ... Then, as now, the company said that the robots won't replace employees; the ... Flag as irrelevant
Boston Business Journal (blog)
KinderLab Robotics, maker of robot kits for children, opens new Waltham HQ
The company's robot kit, called KIBO, allows children to use blocks to build a program that controls the robot's movement and sounds. Bers said she ...,+maker+of+robot+kits+for+children,+opens+new+Waltham+HQ&cd=KhQxNzcxNDI1MzkzMDE5NjUzNzk5MzIaYjYxNmJhMDg2YjQyZTkyNTpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmUZ9BqC4CJktp8ZUDkif_IcSIQZRw,+maker+of+robot+kits+for+children,+opens+new+Waltham+HQ&cd=KhQxNzcxNDI1MzkzMDE5NjUzNzk5MzIaYjYxNmJhMDg2YjQyZTkyNTpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmUZ9BqC4CJktp8ZUDkif_IcSIQZRw,+maker+of+robot+kits+for+children,+opens+new+Waltham+HQ&cd=KhQxNzcxNDI1MzkzMDE5NjUzNzk5MzIaYjYxNmJhMDg2YjQyZTkyNTpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmUZ9BqC4CJktp8ZUDkif_IcSIQZRw Flag as irrelevant
Beatrice Daily Sun
'It just keeps growing'
For one robotics company, they built all the components on a robotic snake with an attached camera that could swim across water and crawl into vent ...'It+just+keeps+growing'&cd=KhQxNzcxNDI1MzkzMDE5NjUzNzk5MzIaYjYxNmJhMDg2YjQyZTkyNTpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmWXouLcHdCiXYsuJRY6fyjDlJYbZQ'It+just+keeps+growing'&cd=KhQxNzcxNDI1MzkzMDE5NjUzNzk5MzIaYjYxNmJhMDg2YjQyZTkyNTpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmWXouLcHdCiXYsuJRY6fyjDlJYbZQ'It+just+keeps+growing'&cd=KhQxNzcxNDI1MzkzMDE5NjUzNzk5MzIaYjYxNmJhMDg2YjQyZTkyNTpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmWXouLcHdCiXYsuJRY6fyjDlJYbZQ Flag as irrelevant
Pittsburgh Business Times
Uber recruited CMU personnel prior to announcing partnership
Carnegie Mellon University's National Robotics Engineering Center is ... the two earlier this month, sources told the Pittsburgh Business Times. Flag as irrelevant
Internet of Things and robotics lead coming from UK CIOs
That is according to the UK and Ireland breakdown of Gartner's 2015 CIO Agenda, which found that business and technology leaders in the UK were ... Flag as irrelevant
Today's Medical Developments
Call for Startups Announced for Automate Launch Pad Competition
Automation applications in robotics, vision and motion are impacting many ... automation technologies and ideas that transform the way business is done. A3 is the umbrella group for Robotic Industries Association (RIA), AIA ... Flag as irrelevant
Jobs on the line in the new robot age
Cheaper and better robots will replace human labour in factories at a far ... Within five to 10 years, the business case for robots in most industries will ... Flag as irrelevant
Research and Markets: Global and Chinese Industrial Robot Report, 2014-2017
With increasing demand for industrial automation and intelligentization, global industrial robot industry flourishes, hitting a record high in 2013 with ...,+2014-2017&cd=KhQxNzcxNDI1MzkzMDE5NjUzNzk5MzIaYjYxNmJhMDg2YjQyZTkyNTpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmWANAa-6nagMwzGdlwdci1ANJOeCA,+2014-2017&cd=KhQxNzcxNDI1MzkzMDE5NjUzNzk5MzIaYjYxNmJhMDg2YjQyZTkyNTpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmWANAa-6nagMwzGdlwdci1ANJOeCA,+2014-2017&cd=KhQxNzcxNDI1MzkzMDE5NjUzNzk5MzIaYjYxNmJhMDg2YjQyZTkyNTpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmWANAa-6nagMwzGdlwdci1ANJOeCA Flag as irrelevant

Talking Stock Picks for 2015 at the Investing Webcast
If you were there for it, you'll remember that we opened our Investing in Robotics webcast (January 22) with a quick six-pack of tips on favored robotics ... Flag as irrelevant